Top Beauty Tips for Girls

girl applying makeupIf you want to look your best at school or college but are restricted by uniform and makeup regulations, these beauty tips for girls will help you to accentuate your best features while still staying within the rules. Anyone can make good use of these simple tips to quickly and easily look great.

Look After Your Skin

Acne is an incredibly common problem for teenagers. The hormones that are produced in quantity during puberty can aggravate problems with your skin. Make an effort to keep your skin clean, and drink lots of water too. This will help to reduce the problem (although it may not completely get rid of it).

Do not pop or squeeze any spots that you get. This can make them spread or may cause them to scar. Let the spots heal naturally.

Use Concealer But Not Foundation

Do not cover your skin with foundation. There is no need to hide your natural, youthful skin in this way. Save the foundation for when you are older and your skin starts to lose its glow. If you have spots or blemishes, dab a little concealer onto them, but don’t cover the whole of your face.

Balance Out Your Face

One of the most effective and often overlooked beauty tips for girls is to try to keep your face balanced out. If you want to draw attention to your eyes with heavy makeup, add just a dash of gloss to your lips and don’t go overboard on the color. If you want to draw attention to your lips, wear just mascara, and avoid eye-shadow or choose a gentle shade.

When you use lip gloss, remember that your lip liner should be the same shade. Don’t use a lip liner that is darker than the lipstick you are applying.

Buy Good Cosmetics

A lot of companies have budget lines aimed at teenagers and then, higher quality, expensive lines for adults. As tempting as it may be to buy a full face worth of makeup from the budget line – or even several different shades for different occasions, this is a false economy.

It is much better to save up some more money and buy a couple of high quality items, such as a great waterproof mascara and a concealer that matches your skin tone. The higher quality makeup brands last longer (you don’t need to use as much to get a great result) and don’t run when you apply them. They have more natural or vibrant looking shades and they don’t clog your pores or irritate your skin.

You will probably end up throwing away a lot of the cheap makeup after just a few uses because it doesn’t look as good in day to day life as it looks in the bright lighting of the store. Don’t waste your money. Find a great brand that you really like and invest in some good makeup from day one.

Take Care of Your Hair

Finally, take good care of your hair too. Use a good conditioner, and try to towel dry your hair as often as possible, saving the hair drier for emergencies. This will help to prevent split ends.