Mascara Tips To Lengthen And Make Lashes Fuller

Woman applying mascara on her long eyelashes

Mascara is a makeup product that many women have in their collection, however, there are some that are not actually using it to their full advantage. When used correctly, mascara has the ability to really make your eyelashes look a lot more attractive and quite a bit fuller. As a matter of fact, there are […]

How To Apply Liquid Foundation Like A Pro

Beautiful model applying foundation with a brush on white

Getting skin that glows and that looks natural while wearing makeup is not a fine art. It is easy to learn how to apply liquid foundation like a professional. All you need are a few tips to help you get that natural, healthy look. Find Three Complimentary Shades of Foundation Do more than just buy […]

How to Remove Makeup The Right Way

young female removing eye makeup by cotton wool.

One of the most important skills that any woman can learn is how to remove makeup properly. Makeup should never be left on longer than necessary. If you put makeup on before you go to work in the morning then you should remove it when you get home from work – never sleep in makeup, […]