Choosing Between Different Makeup Styles

Beauty Girl Portrait with Vivid Makeup and colorful Nail polish.When it comes to makeup, it can be difficult to understand what makeup styles are appropriate in a given context. This can be further complicated by the changing fashion trends in a given area. However, it is possible to only know a few styles and still always have the perfect makeup. This is done by learning how to create these few styles; natural, evening, smokey eye and glamour. Each of these styles can be used in different contexts to create flawless makeup that stands up to the occasion at hand.

Natural makeup relies on nude colors to create a style. Very light foundation or powder is applied first. Often, this can be switched from a BB (beauty or blemish creams) cream giving the face a fresh look. Light lip gloss, peach or brown eye shadow, light mascara and minimal bronzer finish off the look.

Natural makeup is suited to sporting events, most forms of work, and any event where the user feels the need to be understated. There is almost no event where natural makeup is a bad choice.

Evening makeup adds to natural makeup with more contouring, brighter lips, and occasionally darker or shimmery shadows. These additions make it perfect for a night on the town, a cocktail party, or a banquet of any sort. The secret is to not overdo any contouring and often less bronzer will be used as well.

Traditionally, evening makeup would have been worn in less lit areas and tends to be a bit more forgiving. The focal points of the lips and eyes allow for something to stand out in the dark. The natural makeup base ensures that the face does not look caked upon or overdone.

Smokey eye makeup is usually simple and subdued except for the lips and the eyes. The lips may be bright and well defined in this style. The eyes will have a dark color that blends into another dark color to give the illusion of the eye looking deeper or framed by smoke.

This striking style is good for more upscale events, any event involving pictures and many others. Traditionally, this style is considered very sexy and sensual. For this reason, many costumes or performances also incorporate this style as well.

Finally, glamour is a style where full makeup is applied. Foundation, powder, light blush, well lined lips, brighter eye makeup and a healthy amount of bronzer are usually involved in this style. The traditional application for this style is pageants, performances, plays and other high visibility situations.

Of all the styles, glamour is the easiest to get wrong. Due to the vibrancy that is meant to be conveyed, it is easy for the makeup to look overdone and otherwise overpower a person. For this reason, this makeup is best done in bright light and if possible, with help.

Knowing these makeup styles and their applications allows an individual to understand how they should be used. This knowledge then allows for a better social representation and avoid awkward moments of social worry over one’s physical appearance.