How To Apply Liquid Foundation Like A Pro

Beautiful model applying foundation with a brush on whiteGetting skin that glows and that looks natural while wearing makeup is not a fine art. It is easy to learn how to apply liquid foundation like a professional. All you need are a few tips to help you get that natural, healthy look.

Find Three Complimentary Shades of Foundation

Do more than just buy a color of foundation that matches your skin tone. Find an additional shade that is about three times lighter than your natural skin tone and one that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone.

There are two reasons to have three shades of foundation. One reason is so that you can achieve a natural, defined and contoured appearance. Another reason is that it helps to have a dark shade for times when you want to have a more tanned appearance either during the winter season or during the early summer.

Never test foundation on your hand before you purchase it. This is because the skin color on your hands is different from that on your face. If you are unsure, ask the cosmetician for a sample of the shades that interest you. You can try them at home and return to the store to buy the full size foundation when you know which one is best.

Invest In A Foundation Brush

There is nothing wrong with applying foundation with fingertips or a makeup sponge. However, for the best application, use a foundation brush. Some people find that it helps to have a few different types of brushes including a kabuki type brush and a regular, flat bristled brush.

There is a noticeable difference in foundation that is applied with a professional brush. It also allows for better coverage and greater control during the foundation application process.

The Foundation Routine

Some people like to apply a primer to the skin prior to applying the foundation, but it is all right to start applying foundation on clean skin all by itself. Develop and practice a routine that suits you. For day-to-day wear, you want a clean, natural look that should not take more than five minutes to achieve, but for special events or a night out, you want to develop a more complex routine.

For a basic look, start by applying the lightest shade in a triangle under the eyes to the bridge of the nose and out towards the cheeks just about the cheekbone. Then, apply a triangle of light foundation at the bottom of the chin and swipe a thin line down the nose and over the brows.

Next, apply the dark shade underneath the triangle, almost as if you are applying blush. Apply it beneath the chin, following the jaw line and up around the hairline. Finish by applying it at the sides of the nose.

Take the kabuki or largest brush you have and apply the natural toned foundation to the remainder of your face. Blend them together for a naturally defined, contoured appearance that looks like you learned how to apply liquid foundation from a professional.