Mascara Tips To Lengthen And Make Lashes Fuller

Woman applying mascara on her long eyelashesMascara is a makeup product that many women have in their collection, however, there are some that are not actually using it to their full advantage. When used correctly, mascara has the ability to really make your eyelashes look a lot more attractive and quite a bit fuller.

As a matter of fact, there are many women all over the world that will not wear any makeup except for mascara. A little bit can go a long way with this cosmetic product, especially if you know some of these mascara tips that the professionals use to make the most out of anyone’s lashes.

Once you know how to really manipulate your mascara to your advantage, you will be able to easily apply it, make it last a lot longer, prevent any clumping and even, put on false lashes with ease.

When you open a new bottle of mascara there can be a lot of excess product that will transfer onto the wand over the first couple of uses. This can lead to clumping on the lashes and a certain level of mess. Prior to your first coat, you can simply glide the mascara brush over a tissue or a napkin to help get rid of some of the extra formula.

Pulling the wand out of the mascara tube, you can take the tip and gently bend it against the side of the tube so that the tip ends up being perpendicular to the mascara handle. This shape comes in very handy as you are applying your mascara as the brush will be easier to handle and you will also be able to get right into the areas that are harder to reach. No longer will you have to fight to get to the smaller lashes that are located on the inner portion of your eyes.

If you try to coat your lashes too evenly from root to tip, you could end up weighing the lashes down. This can cause them to straighten out if you have curled them. If you want to hold a good curl to your lashes, take your mascara and apply a thicker amount at the roots and a lighter coat at the tips. You can do this simply by wiggling the brush back and forth starting at the base and then quickly coming through when you get to the tips.

One of the most important mascara tips that you will ever learn is the proper way to hold the brush while you are in application mode as it can really make a world of difference. You want to hold the brush in a horizontal fashion if you want to get volume, then you can wiggle it from side to side. If you hold the brush in a vertical fashion and you work by running the tip of the mascara brush out the length of your lashes, you are going to end up with a more natural and longer look.

No matter what, you will see that practice will make perfect and help you to learn the best possible mascara application skills.